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Imara Vision Podcast is a journey of curiosity, growth, and exploration. We celebrate the visionary mindset of being multidimensional, adaptive, and continuously learning. Our guests share their personal stories, challenges, and successes, inspiring us to become lifelong learners and explorers of life. Join us on this exciting journey by subscribing to the Imara Vision Podcast.

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“Initiative – Cedrick is very proactive and solution driven, providing innovative ideas for improvement, makes absolute full use of opportunities. He is able to think through, analyze and identify needs and come up with solutions that positively contribute to the way a company works. ”
– Sofia Oliveira
“Cedrick is a talented Business Development man. I feel confident to send him deep into a foreign country, knowing he will come back with an interesting deal.”
– Omer Pelman
“Excellent Networker. Cedrick has the ability to open new doors and connect different people.”
– Denilson Coelho
Imara Vision

We believe that the world needs more visionaries who know how to navigate the complexities and challenges of the modern world. That’s why we hope that our podcast inspires you to become a lifelong learner and explorer of life.

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