Business opportunity scoping 

We help you identify and pursue the most prominent business opportunities in Angola & Mozambique. With the aim to enable you to enter and grow your business in these markets.

Opening new doors

We help you open new doors for your business in Angola & Mozambique. We help identify relevant stakeholders, make contact with them, establish synergy and position you as trusted advisor.  

End-to-end market entry support

We help you enter and grow your business in Angola & Mozambique in a sustainable and fully compliant manner by providing end-to-end market entry support. 

What our clients say:

“Initiative – Cedrick is very proactive and solution driven, providing innovative ideas for improvement, makes absolute full use of opportunities. He is able to think through, analyze and identify needs and come up with solutions that positively contribute to the way a company works. “

– Sofia Oliveira

“Cedrick is a talented Business Development man. I feel confident to send him deep into a foreign country, knowing he will come back with an interesting deal.”

– Omer Pelman

“Excellent Networker. Cedrick has the ability to open new doors and connect different people.”

– Denilson Coelho

Imara Vision

Are you seeking to enter and grow your business in Angola or Mozambique? Do you have no idea where to start or whom to contact?

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