Get to know Imara!

We believe that Africa is the future and the future is in Africa. Our mission is to actively identify and act upon opportunities that create (will) create robust value in Angola & Mozambique. 

We challenge ourselves to actively support individuals and organisations that strive to make a difference in Africa. 

With us on your side you will immediately benefit from our get things done mentality, extensive network and understanding of the business environment.

Why should you work with Imara?

We take upon ourselves to focus on the things that really matter and make a difference. But why should you work with us? Here are a few reasons:

We go there where the traditional support of consultants, agencies and embassies stops.

We act locally and deliver international standard results.

We speak the language and have a comprehensive understanding of the local business customs.

We have access to an international and local network of experts with more than 100 years of doing business experience in Africa.

We provide hands-on support in the most challenging environment and minimize your risk exposure.

We understand what it takes to make your business fully compliant with local rules and regulations.

Cedrick Junior

About the founder

Cedrick Júnior is an Angolan-Dutch entrepreneur based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. He moved to the Netherlands at the age of 9 years. 

In 2014 Cedrick graduated from Windesheim, Applied Sciences University with a Business degree in International Business with a specialization in Doing Business in Africa. 

Upon graduation, Cedrick was asked to join Fugro, the world’s largest provider of technical data and advice on topography and environmental conditions. During his time at Fugro, Cedrick worked in Angola, Ghana, Mozambique, South Africa, and São Tomé e Principe, where he helped Fugro lay the foundation that enabled the company to support its clients with local resources. 

In 2018, Cedrick left Fugro. He looks back to this time with a great sense of joy and accomplishment. Cedrick is most proud of the job opportunities that were created due to local content development, which enable individuals to pull themselves and their families out of extreme poverty. This inspired Cedrick to embark on a life new journey, called “Imara Vision”.

With this entrepreneurial step, Cedrick wants to strengthen the socio-economic position of Africa by providing services and products, and investing in solutions that inevitably contribute towards the development of Africa. Humbly said, Cedrick wants to become a true agent for change in Africa.

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